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I've been quite a while now wanting to move my blog to Wordpress and finally I've made the move. This is going to be the last post here. From now on the blog will be at www.gonzalomanera.com/blog/ so if you are subscribed to this blog through Google Reader or something similar you have to change the subscription address. Sorry for the inconvenience and hope to see you on the new site!


Navacerrada Jib Show Contest

This past weekend I went to the Navacerrada Jib Show Contest, organized by DakTak and sponsored by PlayGround, Levi's and Puerto de Navacerrada. RedBull also helped bringing along it's classic Hummer with a DJ and two girls offering drinks to everyone. I went to the contest only for shooting (I didn't even take my snowboard) and here are a few images. For more go to my Facebook Page. Since the day was a little overcast with the sun showing up from time to time, I decided to do some grainy black and white images. I think they look good with the light and match the roughness of the jibbing.

Sergio Jimenez

Going up

Frontside noseslide

Nano, DakTak owner

Toto on the Z

The RedBull Hummer

Another frontside noseslide

Going up again!

On the box


Imagine a big explosion...

Just watched this and made me think a lot...

Via A Photo Editor


Iker Casillas

For the first SportLife issue of 2012 they wanted to feature Iker Casillas, Spanish soccer superstar, to promote CrossFit, a fitness system currently being promoted by Reebok. So for this cover they contacted me and we went to Ciudad Deportiva del Real Madrid, the place where Real Madrid trains to shoot. We had to set up a studio with a white background and the necessary lights. Below you can see the cover and a video of the making of.

SportLife 153 cover featuring Iker Casillas



Two weeks ago I went to help Marlett on her last wedding she designed and organized. While setting up I did some filming and shooting for her to have images to show to future clients. This video is a little sample of how the event went.


29 Ways to stay creative

I've found this interesting video with a few really good points we should never forget.



Agents is one of those topics that everyone into photography runs into sooner or later. At first everyone thinks having an agent is a reason for not caring anymore about marketing and self promotion, but it couldn't be farther from reality. I'm going to tell you my story and maybe it can help you at some point.

I, as I mentioned above, run into the agent thing quite a while ago. I did what probably everyone else does too. Try to contact a few agents, send them emails and hope to get represented and start shooting big jobs. After a while I realized no one called me back and I just kept doing my thing. Following as many blogs as I do, I read every now and then that you don't search for agents, they find you and those things we all have read at one point or another. I recall reading that in A Photo Editor and in the blogs of Chase Jarvis and Nick Onken. I just thought: "Yeah, that happened to you, you lucky bastard, but it would never happen to me", so I just forgot about the whole agent thing.

A couple months ago, out of the blue, I got called from an agent in Madrid. She wanted to meet in person, get to know each other and see if we were a good match. So we met, things clicked and we arranged another meeting with her partner to see if this was going somewhere. After a few meetings and talks we agreed to work together and started about a month ago. I couldn't believe that all the stuff I read was actually true! Now I was the lucky bastard and couldn't be happier.

Now we are getting to know each other, plan our approach to marketing, organizing meetings with creatives and all those fun but important things. I'm learning a lot and there is more work to do now than before I was represented but I'm confident it will be worthwhile. I'll do another post in six months to explain you how things are going.

One of the things I first asked my agent is how she got to see my work. This is what really left me thinking. For a few years I have been going to agencies arranging meetings to show my work to creatives. So among all those meetings I went to this agency to see a creative director and she liked my work. This was about two years ago. She never called for any job but she kept my card and remembered me. My agent had a good relationship with the CD so my agent asked her if she knew any interesting photographer to represent and my name came up. You never know what might come out of everything you do. Many things won't matter, or maybe they will but sure is that if you don't try and just sit at home doing nothing nobody is going to come to offer you an amazing opportunity.

Go out, do your thing at a 110% and share it with the world. Be true to what you believe and good things will happen. I assure you that.