Yesterday I had my first paid job shooting video with the HDSLR. Although I have been shooting quite a lot of video lately I was still a bit nervous as what the outcome would be. Now that I have all my footage in my computer and being converted right now to Prores 422 to be graded I can say I'm quite happy with the results.

Hopefully I can post some images from the shoot in a week or so, but until then here I show you the equipment I took for the job.

Video equipmentHDSLR video equipment.

- Canon EOS 7D.
- Several Canon lenses. 70-200, 16-35mm and 15mm. The one I ended up using most was the 16-35mm because the place was pretty tight and the 15mm had too much distortion.
- Rode Videomic. The built-in mic of the camera is no good and although the sound wasn't important on this job I wanted to get the best sound possible.
- LCDVF. A visor for the camera screen. It helps a lot focusing and keeping the camera stable on handheld shots as you press it against your face adding a contact point.
- Shoot35 follow focus with Proaim rail system. This wasn't very useful for this job because you need more preparation to set up each take. This job was a more quick documentary type of thing.
- Manfrotto tripod with 503HDV video head. Really important piece of equipment for video shooting.
- Proaim Linear Slider. It is used to make traveling shots like with a dolly but on a more compact size. It's amazing how the shots change with this. If you are into video get one of this right now.

The Linear Slider and the Follow Focus were rented to Reflex Rent HD. Soon I will be getting some of this equipment but I'm still figuring out my needs. I want to thank Cesar Pons for getting this job and having me there, as well as for letting me use his brand new tripod head.

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  1. Joder Gon te has hecho con un buen equipo no solo el xlider... follow focous, guias etc.. pinta bien!