New cover and video

On the current issue of BIKE (available from today on newsstands on Spain) you can see one of my photos featured on the cover. The picture was shot for the Supertest of the new Cannondale Jekyll Ultimate and during the shoot I filmed a few clips with my iPhone 4. With those clips I edited a short video and just did a little color grading to the images as they are quite magenta straight from the phone. Below you can see the edit along with all the pics featured in the mag.

BIKE 226 cover


Surfing in Panama

Back in September my friend Cesar Pons went to Panama with the guys at Cece to film some longboard surfing. When he came back I did this little editing of all the footage he brought. I've had the video running around my hard drives and never got to upload it and share it, so finally here it is. Hope you enjoy it! It's actually nice to see some surf and warm sunshine on these cold days.


The Bermuda Triangle Of Productivity

I run into this today and think it sums up many people's productivity issues (mine included). Seen via A Photo Editor.

The Bermuda Triangle Of Productivity


Camera Raw Cache

Today I'm spending a lot of time in from of the computer processing images with Lightroom so while doing that I started to think about ways to speed Lightroom up. One thing that came to my mind was cache. In Photoshop I know how to increase cache and have it on a different drive, but what about Lightroom? I never thought of that.

So I went to the Preferences panel and under the File Handling tab I found Camera Raw Cache Settings. By default it's located in your home root folder (not good) and it's maximum size 1.0 Gb (which doesn't seem a lot, does it?). So I did a quick search on the internet and found this interesting blog post by Sean McCormack in Pixiq. Go ahead and read it straight from the source. It was written when Lightroom 2.7 and Lightroom 3 Beta 2 were the latest versions available, but everything still applies. It's a good read and it'll make your workflow better if you develop a lot of images and jump back and forth between them.

Camera Raw Cache