Trail Running


Two weeks ago I went to Cuenca, Spain to shoot some trailrunning photos for the current issue of SportLife with Angel and Mario Llorens. They are from the city of Cuenca and know the surroundings well as they train there everyday so we went to several good spots to shoot. Here are two photos from the session.

One thing that I have been thinking lately with all this hiking on the mountains is how to reduce my equipment to the most basic stuff. I'll do a post on that soon as I have been streamlining it quite a bit lately.




If you are getting serious about photography or you already are and want to get better be sure not to miss this weekend the free live workshop with Zack Arias called Foundations of a Working Photographer with Zack Arias. It starts on Friday at 19:00 (Central European time) and keeps going till Sunday. I definitely will be checking it out!

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