Navacerrada Jib Show Contest

This past weekend I went to the Navacerrada Jib Show Contest, organized by DakTak and sponsored by PlayGround, Levi's and Puerto de Navacerrada. RedBull also helped bringing along it's classic Hummer with a DJ and two girls offering drinks to everyone. I went to the contest only for shooting (I didn't even take my snowboard) and here are a few images. For more go to my Facebook Page. Since the day was a little overcast with the sun showing up from time to time, I decided to do some grainy black and white images. I think they look good with the light and match the roughness of the jibbing.

Sergio Jimenez

Going up

Frontside noseslide

Nano, DakTak owner

Toto on the Z

The RedBull Hummer

Another frontside noseslide

Going up again!

On the box

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